Swimming Pool & Spa Maintenance & Servicing

We pride ourselves on giving all our clients VIP service and we've got some amazing bonuses UNIQUE to our service regulars which you won't find anywhere else in the state or country!

We provide the following services to the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding areas;

          Pool and spa maintenance and servicing

          Pool and spa water sampling

          Equipment recommendations and upgrades including automation and heating


We'll send one of our experienced Pool Technicians to service your pool.  We recommend every 2 to 4 weeks your pool should be maintained.

The service will take approximately 30 minutes, during which time we will:

          Test the chemical balance of the water

          Add any chemicals required (in the correct manner)

          Clean the skimmer and pump baskets

          Leaf rake the pool

          Brush the steps and water line

          Clean the salt cell

          Clean and filter - Backwash and rise the sand filter, or hose down the cartridges

          Inspect all your filtration equipment for leaks or other problems

          Check your automatic cleaner is working correctly

          For a nominal extra charge we can also vacuum the pool (this will take an extra 15 minutes)

We maintain a record of your pool's water chemistry so we can refer back to previous treatments in order to adequately diagnose and treat any problems.



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